Social protection law


A somewhat unknown field of activity, social protection law has seen rapid development in recent years, particularly since 2016 with the compulsory nature of health coverage schemes (mutual insurance), but also the strong development of collective bargaining at branch and company level in the area of welfare schemes in the broad sense (disability, death, education allowances, etc.).

This branch of law also covers compulsory supplementary pensions and supplementary pension contracts, which have been constantly revised in recent years.

In view of the specialisations of the firm’s lawyers, we can assist you in the management of these files, which generally have a strong social impact on staff.

Our main interventions in the field of social protection law:


    Assistance to companies in determining their obligations and in validating their choice of welfare and supplementary pension provider

    • Assistance to the employer in the negotiation and implementation of welfare and supplementary health insurance contracts, disability, death, spouse’s pension and education allowance, etc.
    • Assistance in monitoring commitments and employee information obligations, particularly when changing service provider.
    • Validation of the social and tax treatment of contributions and benefits (Articles 82, 83 and 39 of the French Tax Code, etc.).
    • Collective contract or individual health-welfare cover of the company manager (company agreement, referendum, unilateral decision by the employer, conventional branch schemes, etc.) and end-of-career indemnity contracts (retirement).


      Support for companies in changing their welfare and supplementary pension schemes

      • Revision and termination of agreements, unilateral decisions and contracts with service providers supplementing the social security risk and guarantees.
      • Assistance in assessing and managing the impact of business transfers and restructuring.
      • Monitoring of rights and various guarantees (portability, maintenance of guarantees provided for by the EVIN law, etc.).

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