Business litigation and disputes


Our firm’s lawyers work alongside companies and their managers to resolve any disputes they may face in the course of their business, whether amicably or before the courts.

    Our main interventions in business litigation and disputes :


      Our interventions

      • Analysis of disputes (non-performance, late performance, poor performance, breach, observation letter, reminder, formal notice, injunctions from the supervisory authorities) involving the company, its economic partners, its professional customers and its consumer customers.
      • Risk and damage assessment, analysis of insurance contracts, recommendation of solutions.
      • Analyses of situations in which managers and the company are liable to third parties and vice versa, risk and damage assessment, analysis of insurance contracts, recommendation of solutions.
      • Conduct of amicable dispute settlement procedures (settlement, mediation, conciliation, jointly agreed technical appraisal)
      • Assisting companies in summons from supervisory authorities (DDPP and DGCCRF, CNIL), and drafting responses to these authorities.
      • Collection of unpaid debts, amicable or forced.
      • Action as plaintiff or defendant before the courts (commercial courts, judicial courts, criminal courts, administrative courts) in emergency, summary proceedings, expertise or on the merits.
      • Conduct of actions against the insurance companies of the manager or company or a third party for warranty refusal, warranty exclusion.
      • Assistance during technical and financial appraisals with the company’s technical, financial and accounting advisers.
      • Arbitration.


        Types of litigation in commercial law

        • Contractual liability disputes for poor performance, non-performance, breach of a commercial contract.
        • Disputes relating to the contract of sale (hidden defects, non-conformities, non-payment, late delivery).
        • Disputes relating to service contracts (delays in performance, defective services).
        • Disputes relating to unfair termination of a contract or unfair or abrupt termination of contractual relations.
        • Disputes relating to breach of non-competition clauses, breach of confidentiality agreements, disclosure of know-how or trade secrets, etc.


          Types of litigation in economic law

          • Disputes with competitors before commercial courts, judicial courts or criminal courts (refusal to sell, price changes, discriminatory commercial practices, unfair terms, price fixing, unfair competition, parasitism, etc.).

          • Disputes with professional suppliers or customers before the commercial courts, judicial courts or criminal courts (unfair terms in contracts, significant imbalance between the rights and obligations of the parties to the contract, abrupt or unfair termination of business relations, delisting, breach of non-competition clauses).

          • Disputes with consumers before the courts (information on prices and conditions of sale, right of withdrawal, delivery time, product availability, product prices, product defects).

          • Disputes with supervisory authorities before the criminal courts and administrative courts (injunction to comply with regulations, formal notice, violation notices for non-compliance with regulations on competition, prices and conditions of sale, advertising, promotion or sales methods, compliance, product safety).


            Types of litigation in the field of civil liability of officers and companies and in insurance matters

            • Action for unfair competition.
            • Liability for dangerous products.
            • Liability action for breach of the provisions of the articles of association, the law or regulations, or for mismanagement separable from the duties of the director.


              Types of litigation in company law

              • Conflicts between partners (challenge of the validity of corporate decisions, challenge of management decisions, abuse of majority, shareholders’ agreements).

              • Disputes concerning securities transfers.

              • Implementation of asset and liability guarantees.


                Types of litigation in new technology law

                • Disputes with data subjects, for unlawful processing of their data, for non-respect of their rights (right of access, limitation of processing, deletion, opposition, etc.).
                • Disputes with competitors or third parties, for violation of their digital identification elements (domain name, copy or imitation of a site), for diversion of customers by the use of digital techniques.
                • Disputes with the supervisory authorities before the CNIL, the criminal courts and the administrative courts (injunction to comply with regulations, formal notice, report to the Public Prosecutor).

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