Business law


Our firm works with companies and their managers:

  • on the one hand to advise them in the application of commercial regulations,
  • on the other hand to help them avoid or resolve their commercial disputes,
  • and finally to assert their rights or defend them before the courts in the event of a dispute.

Our main interventions in business law:


    Drafting and negotiation of contracts and commercial documents

    • Drafting of contracts (contracts for the purchase of machinery or goods, sales, subcontracting, provision of services, rental, payment guarantee, etc.).
    • Drafting of more complex contracts (framework contracts, industrial partnership contracts, economic cooperation contracts, research and development contracts, know-how licences, protection of trade secrets, confidentiality agreements).
    • Drafting of legal documents (General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, General Terms and Conditions of Sale, General Terms and Conditions of Services, information and advisory documents, contractual guarantees, limitation of liability clauses, after-sales service conditions, retention of title).
    • Adapting the content of contracts and legal documents to economic, commercial and regulatory developments.
    • Analysis of draft contracts or amendments proposed by the company’s business partners (suppliers, service providers, subcontractors, customers), advice and assistance in their negotiation and modification of their wording.


      Securing export operations

      • Use of INCOTERMS.
      • Setting up documentary letters of credit or stand-by letters of credit with the bank.
      • First-demand guarantees.
      • Evaluation of transfer prices between group companies.


        Auditing and legal structuring of companies’ economic projects

        • Analysis of contractual and legal documents used by the company (commercial contracts, general terms and conditions of sale, general terms and conditions of purchase, information and advisory documents, quotations, offers, order confirmations, invoices) to assess their conformity and points of weakness, in order to recommend the necessary compliance measures and possible improvements.
        • Advice to managers in the structuring of their economic projects by integrating the possibilities and constraints of commercial law into their consideration.


          Commercial litigation and disputes 


            Civil liability of officers and the company and insurance 


              Commercial and business leases

              • Advice, negotiation, drafting, modification, termination of leases, particularly commercial leases.
              • Actions for the recovery of unpaid rents, removal of rent ceilings (local commercial factors, compensation for non-renewal of the lease, compensation related to the condition of the leased premises).


                European and international law

                • Drafting of contracts and legal documents with foreign business partners (application of European law or international law, e.g.: Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods).
                • Advice and assistance in the negotiation, modification or termination of contracts with a foreign business partner.
                • Contracts subject to the law of the foreign business partner with the assistance of a local lawyer.
                • Handling of international contract disputes (negotiation of an amicable solution with the foreign business partner or its legal counsel, application or defence before foreign courts, or recourse to arbitration, with the possible assistance of a local lawyer).

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