Criminal business and employment law


Our Firm works with companies and their managers to assist them in all situations where there is a proven or suspected risk of their criminal liability being incurred, relating to our various areas of expertise, as well as in all situations where they are victims of criminal offences in these same areas.

Main interventions of our firm’s lawyers dedicated to criminal business law and criminal employment law:


    Pre-litigation phase 

    • Analysis of situations in which directors and/or the company are held criminally liable vis-à-vis third parties, and situations in which directors and/or the company are victims of offences.
    • Development of a strategy to avoid or limit risks, risk and damage assessment, consultations.
    • Assistance (preparation of the file, assistance in the preparation of responses, assistance with hearings when legally possible) during investigations and controls by administrative services (investigations by the labour inspectorate, DIRECTTE, DDPP, DGCCRF, CNIL, URSSAF, DREAL), which may result in the drafting of reports or information sent to the Public Prosecutor’s office.
    • Negotiation with the Public Prosecutor’s office and the supervisory authorities of alternative solutions to a conviction.


      Litigation phase

      • Triggering of actions against offenders with a view to obtaining compensation for damages (amicable approach with the offender, complaint to the Public Prosecutor, complaint to the investigating judge, direct summons to the criminal court or the police court).
      • Assistance during preliminary investigations or on-the-spot investigations carried out by the police or gendarmerie, (preparation of the file, help in preparing responses, assistance with hearings when legally possible).
      • Assistance at the investigation stage (preparation of the case file, assistance in the preparation of responses, assistance during hearings before the investigating judge), request for documents, representation before the indictment chamber.
      • Assistance and representation before the criminal court, the police court, the criminal division of the Court of Appeal (drafting of procedural documents, pleadings), the criminal division of the Court of Cassation (drafting of procedural documents in collaboration with the lawyer challenging the case).


        Types of recurrent interventions:

        • Workplace accidents.
        • Infringement of working hours (exceeding maximum working hours).
        • Undeclared work.
        • Offence of obstructing the functioning of staff representative institutions or the functions of trade union representatives.
        • Abuse of company assets.
        • Corruption.
        • Falsification of products.
        • Infringement of weight, price and labelling regulations.
        • Infringement of rules on sales methods (promotion, advertising).
        • Infringement of rules concerning facilities classified for the protection of the environment.
        • Infringement of sanitary rules on the safety of food industry facilities.
        • Infringement of sanitary regulations on the safety of food products.

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